Fixed Gear
fun, commute, style
San Francisco
I found this bike when I was at home visiting my parents in France. My father was renting a little house to this man named Antoine, who was somewhat of a mysterious man. My father had not heard from him in a while so he decided to pay him a visit, and I went along with him. It turned out that Antoine had moved out without telling anyone in the village. The house was left mostly empty with the exception of a few things, including this bicycle, which was left to rust, leaning against one of the outside walls. The fenders and wheels were quite rusty, and at first glance, it seemed unsalvageable. My father was about to throw it in the back of the van with a bunch of other junk to bring it to the recycling center. I decided I'd try and salvage the frame, to see if I could give it a second life...(Continue reading)

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